Here at Joflow Basketball, we are all about the safety and wellbeing of our kids and the community.

The global pandemic of COVID19 has impacted the whole world and our communities in a lot of ways. While the risks of the virus is still at large, we are fortunate to be in Australia in which the spread of the virus has been controlled allowing some of our normal back - and this includes the game of basketball for our kids and trainings.

However, the fight is not over, and we need to be mindful and always vigilant of the risks and impacts in order to safe guard our kids, our community and our movement.

Please read through our COVID Safety Measures, complying with the Government's guidelines to ensure a safe environment for our kids and community to exercise and enjoy the game of basketball.

- No more than 10 kids per class.

- No spectators in the gym, parents can wait outside of the playing gym.

- Hand sanitiser shall be provided at the entrance door. It is also advisable for participants /kids to bring their own.

- Breaks shall be called every 30 minutes for sanitising/washing hands.

- Basketballs shall be sanitised during said 30-minute break.

- No food inside the gym.

- After a session, kids are asked to wash their hands with soap / sanitiser and proceed to move out of the gym.

- Only water bottles with caps are allowed inside the gym. Please avoid water bottles with open mouth piece.

- Temperature checks shall be conducted before entering the gym. Anyone who has a fever shall be advised to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

- Avoid any handshakes, high fives or any form of hand contact.

- We will also have a log book to know who goes in and out of the venue.

- Non-participating individuals shall observe social distancing.

We likewise strongly recommend:

- Have your kids get Flu Vaccine for this season

- Be transparent with any Travel History (any overseas and domestic travel within the last 3 months)

- Be transparent if the kids or parents have any contact with known COVID19 positive individuals

- Avoid coming to the gym / venue if unwell

- Download the COVIDSafe APP for parents


- Always be respectful of one another

The fight against COVID19 is a collective effort from all of us and we appreciate your patience, understanding and cooperation.

For more information, please check the Office of Sports NSW website, the NSW website

Information as of 10th of June 2020

Last updated 2nd of July 2020